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Exodus is the name of the new clothing collection and its strict lines and accentuated cuttings inspires me to think of a soldier’s uniform. Whenever called, this soldier is ready to fight for peace and harmony in this world.

Through its silhouettes it is easy to see that whoever who are, wherever we come from and whatever who look like there is one thing uniting us: “The ceaseless process of change”.
Our own identity comes through accepting ourselves first for happily living among others.

From my perspective, earth is what we have in common as humans and this is why I chose its soothing color to be the dominant element of my collection. This makes me often think about the powerful saying: “From dust we came and to dust we shall return”

Being torn between standing out through beautiful fashion items and the environmental care, Muhire will give clothes a second life, in order to minimize the pollution generated by an abundance of textiles, thus contributing to the balance of our planet by creating an eco-sustainable fashion.

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